World Harvest Church


    Audio & Video Design Services - in ACAD for...
    Entertainment Stage Audio & Video Systems
    Background Music Systems
    Video Projector Systems
    Paging and Communications Systems
    Park wide Audio and Control Systems
    RF Transmission and Receiving Systems (Wide and Narrow Band)
    Assistive Listening Systems for Hearing Impaired
    Combined Show Audio/Video/Lighting and Control Systems
    Facility Audio/Video Specifications and Bid Packages
    Custom Product Design

    Audio & Video Consulting Services
    Project Concept Development
    Project  Management
    Complete ˇ°Turnkeyˇ± Systems
    Unique knowledge of the Theme Park Systems and Standards
    Specializing in Church Sound, Video, and Lighting
    Drafting and Documentation Support

    Equipment Sales and Installation Contracting Services
    Competitive pricing on audio & video equipment from over 120 manufacturers like...
      NEXO, Crest, Crown, EV, Behringer, Yamaha, Sony, Panasonic
    High Level and Low Level Electrical Installation
      (From AC Panels to 1/4ˇ± plugs)
    Specialty Audio and Video Control Equipment Termination
    Speaker and Sensitive Electronics Installation
    Implementation of your Designs and Installation of Equipment
    System Test and Adjust with SIM Analyzer and Operators
    Design/Build Projects


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